What should you expect if you are the lucky winner of our sweepstakes?

On arriving in New York:

You will check into your hotel and can start enjoying some of the sights. First up, the doctor's office for an exam!

The afternoon and evening before the colonoscopy:

At approximately 15:00hrs, you will start drinking a laxative. No big deal, but if you're thinking of doing the walking tour of the city during this phase - FUGGEDABOUTIT! (a New York expression best learned here than in response to your frantic request of a doorman or restaurant manager to use the facilities).

The day of the colonoscopy:

Watch the sun rise and get out and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the streets of New York...or just sleep in. An hour before your colonoscopy, a car will be waiting downstairs to take you to New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Then you will be whisked away and gently put to sleep for the procedure. And before you know it, your eyes will flutter open and the colonoscopy will be over - and you'll have entered the pages of tourism history!

For the rest, please read the rules* for the sweepstakes carefully and consult with your physician before entering. You must be between the ages of 40-79 to enter the sweepstakes. You will need to answer the true or false questions to qualify for entry - but don't worry if you get any wrong, because you'll be part of the sweepstakes draw anyway!

We wish you good health, and best of luck with your entry!

The CBS Cares Team

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You must be between the ages of 40-79 to enter the sweepstakes.

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